Can we purchase your ostriches?
Starting an ostrich farm has become so hip, we are frequently inquired about the purchasing of ostriches. Our farms are certified by the Philippine Ostrich Industry Network (POIN) and we are able to offer our accredited ostriches worldwide. Please contact us at info@ostrichcompany.com for more information.

What does the meat taste like?
Ostrich meat has the same texture and taste as beef. In fact any dish prepared for beef can be made with ostrich in a healthier option. Please take a look at our database here for comparison with other meat.

Can you give us guidance on setting up a farm?
We are part of the POIN (Philippine Ostrich Industry Network) and we would be more than happy to give you guidance on setting up a farm and what it would take to have a properly operating farm.

What else do you want to know?
Please don't hesitate to ask - just send us an E-Mail.